200 Days to go until the Rugby League World Cup

It’s officially 200 Days to Go until the Rugby League World Cup arrives in England.

Set to make a huge impact all across the nation, the Rugby League World Cup will welcome the world’s best teams and is set to instil civic pride in England’s host towns and cities.

In July 2020 we announced that Huddersfield’s John Smiths Stadium is set to host the men’s quarter-final.

From today, 29th March there will be a 48-hour cross-country tour that sees the three men’s, women’s, and wheelchair World Cup trophies visit each of our 18 host towns and cities.

There will also be a limited period ticket upgrade offer for those that buy tickets for the next two days.

What is the special offer?

If you buy a Category C ticket for the opening fixture at selected venues, you could be upgraded to a category B ticket.

The offer is valid for 48 hours only and tickets are sold on a first-come, first-served basis!

Secure your tickets on their website.