Next stage of improvements to A62 Leeds Road begin

Roadworks taking place

The next stage of improvements to the A62, one of the key gateways to Kirklees, begin today.

This is part of our long-running project to tackle this route’s issues with congestion, slow journey times and poor air quality, as well as safety.  We’ll be making more than 2km of improvements for drivers, pedestrians and cyclists, stretching from Old Fieldhouse Lane to Huddersfield Ring Road.

The A62 is one of our key gateways to Kirklees, linking to several major transport routes, including the M62.  It also provides links to many existing employment sites – improved access to which should help support the creation of over 1,000 new jobs – and links to land which will provide over 2,500 new homes in Kirklees.

During this stage of work, the focus will be on making routes safer for pedestrians and cyclists, making sustainable transport more of a realistic alternative to travel by car.  We’ll also be creating more green spaces alongside the road and improving sustainable drainage to avoid flooding, which has caused delays for commuters on this route in the past.

Sustainable transport

Improvements will be made to sustainable transport routes along the A62, as part of our commitment to offering real alternatives to travel by car.

We’ll provide new cycle lanes throughout the length of the A62 – some on-road and some separate.

We’ll also be amending traffic signals to improve safety and capacity for cyclists and pedestrians, and improving bus stops and shelters on the route.

Reducing congestion

We’ll be making upgrades to increase the A62’s capacity and reduce congestion, helping improve journey times for everyone travelling to and from Huddersfield, and improving air quality.

We’ll be upgrading the following junctions:

  • A62 and Bradley Mills Road
  • A62 and St. Andrew’s Road
  • A62, Hillhouse Lane and Thistle Street
  • A62 and Gasworks Street (removal of gyratory to be replaced with two signalised junctions)
  • Lower Fitzwilliam Street and Great Northern Retail Park
  • Inner Ring Road and Southgate

Further improvements

We’ll also be creating almost a hectare of green areas along the A62, including new grass verges and tree planting, as part of our commitment to making this area a nicer place to live, work and visit.

As well as the more practical benefits, these additions will also make open spaces along the route much more attractive.

We’ll also be making further improvements to the road surface, specifically to improve sustainable drainage and help avoid flooding on this busy commuting route.

How will traffic be affected?

We expect to finish construction for this stage of work in early December this year.  Between now and then there will be some delays and disruption, but this will be kept to a minimum.

Throughout most of the works, there will be only partial road closures.  There will be a period of full 24/7 road closure at the junction of Thistle Street and Hillhouse Lane for seven to eight weeks (exact dates to be confirmed).

Local businesses will remain open throughout, and we’ve ensured the closure will fall outside of the football season to avoid impacting access to any games at the John Smith’s Stadium.

We’re working with local businesses and with the John Smith’s Stadium to make sure these closures cause minimal disruption, and that visitors are well informed.

Want to find out more?

If you’d like to contact us for more information, or get live updates on the works, you can email

You can also get regular updates and chat to someone onsite by downloading the Hello Worx! app from your app store.  This app is managed by our contractor, Colas Ltd.