Pupils receive prizes for learning how to Be Fire Safe in their homes

Photograph of primary school children showing their colouring taken during the Be Fire Safe awareness day

Primary school children rolled up their sleeves to take part in a colouring competition as part of a Be Fire Safe awareness day. Pupils at St Mary’s School in Cleckheaton won prizes including stationery items and sweets.

Council staff teamed up with West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service to run the Be Fire Safe awareness day. They talked about the importance of being safe at home to prevent fires. The day even included a visit from a real-life fire engine.

The Be Fire Safe awareness day was part of the council’s wider fire safety campaign, aimed directly at council housing tenants. It consisted of a week of community events organised by the council to spread the Be Fire Safe message. The aim was to increase fire safety awareness.

A leaflet, distributed to the tenants, detailed fire safety. It highlighted the risks associated with smoking, candles and kitchen safety in the home. It also included advice about electrical appliances and the importance of smoke alarms. There was also a reminder for tenants and leaseholders of what to do in case of fire and how to evacuate.

Further events will be organised throughout the year. They will aim to delivering the fire safety message directly to tenants.