Receiving your £150 energy rebate

council tax energy rebate

The government has provided us with £25million to support households with the rising cost of bills in 2022-23. 

We’ll be using this money to provide a one-off payment of £150 to eligible households. This payment is not a loan, and will never need to be repaid – it’s just extra money to help you with your bills.

Who’s eligible?

If you’re a Council Taxpayer occupying a property between Council Tax bands A to D, or an occupant where the property is exempt, you may be eligible for the rebate.

To receive the rebate, you must be the person who pays Council Tax, and the property must be your sole or main residence.

Full information on eligibility criteria for the Council Tax Energy Rebate is available on Kirklees Council’s website.

How do I apply?

If you pay your Council Tax by direct debit, you do not need to apply – you should automatically receive your rebate to this account.  These automatic payments should start arriving from early May.

If you don’t pay your Council Tax by direct debit, you will need to make an application.  We’re currently working on the online application form, and we’ll announce this as soon as possible.

When will I receive my rebate?

If you’ve already signed up to pay your Council Tax by direct debit, you may receive your payment automatically as early as the beginning of May.

The separate application form for those who don’t pay by direct debit. This will be made available over the next few weeks.  These applications will take time to process for several reasons, but we’ll process all applications as quickly as we possibly can.

If you don’t make an application but our records show you’re eligible for the rebate, we’ll do our best to make sure you don’t miss out on this support.

Need support more urgently?

If you’re struggling financially, you may be entitled to some extra support while you wait for your £150 energy rebate.  Please check out our information on Local Welfare Provision for further support.

Be alert to scams

We’ve been made aware that people are receiving phonecalls or emails asking for their bank details to pay the energy rebate.

This is a scam.  We will not request any bank details from you, and no online application forms are available yet.  Please do not give out your bank details, and wait for the application form to be available on the Kirklees website.

Stay up to date on Kirklees Council’s website.