Free health checks change lives

The health checks pilot, delivered by our Wellness Service, has seen life changing results in the first 6 months. Here Rob, Gina, Gail and Wayne tell us about their experiences and how a 45-minute health check helped them make life changing decisions.

Rob – sobering results

When Rob went for a health check, it revealed he had high blood pressure and high cholesterol. After working on his personalised plan with his health coach and making some lifestyle changes, his BP is now at a much healthier level, has lowered his cholesterol and lost 1 stone.

Rob said:

“Some of the health check results were quite sobering. I found the health coach easy to talk to and I left the appointment with a plan of action to make some positive changes. I’m so pleased I went.”

Gina – lockdown habits

During lockdown, Gina felt she has developed some unhealthy habits and wasn’t sleeping very well. The health check showed that her cholesterol was higher than it should be. She decided to join the gym, change some of her food habits and, 3 months later, is sleeping better, has lowered her cholesterol and has lost 7lb.

Gina said:

“I cut down on cheese and snacks mainly. It actually saved me money, which I now put towards gym membership. I was very pleased with the follow-up results and knowing that it’s making a difference makes me want to continue even more.”

Gail – it runs in the family

High cholesterol runs in Gail’s family, so she was keen to have a health check. It revealed that she was following the same pattern. With a plan of action developed with her health coach, she made some simple changes to her diet and increased her daily physical activity. She has successfully reduced her cholesterol and lost 9lb!

“I was interested to see my results at the re-check having taken on board the advice and made some lifestyle changes. The results speak for themselves, so I am very pleased! It made me realise how worthwhile and beneficial the check was. As a result, I plan to carry on making improvements to my diet.” 

Wayne – living his best life

It had been some years since Wayne’s last health check, and he was curious about the results. The tests showed that he had a worryingly high blood pressure so was referred to his GP where he was prescribed medication.

Wayne said,

“I have made lifestyle changes, I am eating healthier, and I am exercising regularly.  The results from the follow up health check only encourage you to live life better. I wouldn’t have done this without the health check.”

Book your health check

If you’re over 40 you could be eligible for a FREE health check as part of the Wellness Service pilot scheme.

A Health Check by the Wellness Service is the same as a NHS health check. They are available to Kirklees residents aged 40 – 74 who don’t have certain pre-existing health conditions. If you are over 74, please see your GP for a health check (as per national NHS guidance).

Health checks can help spot the early signs of serious illness including the risk of developing cardiovascular disease, diabetes, stroke and dementia and can help prevent them from escalating, reducing the need to see you GP.

Check eligibility and make an appointment today!