Cancer screening for council tenants links health and housing

Our Homes and Neighbourhoods service is working closely with Public Health, the Wellness Service and Community Plus to support neighbourhoods with low levels of residents accessing health screening services across North Kirklees.

Healthy Places Healthy People


Their Healthy Places Healthy People plan focuses on raising awareness about the importance of screening for bowel, breast and cervical cancer.


The project is aimed at helping improve the uptake of the UK’s national cancer screening programmes among housing tenants. 


Further work is also being done to work with partners on other health issues. Issues include childhood asthma, hospital discharge planning and mental health and wellbeing.


Naz Parkar, Director of Homes & Neighbourhoods, said:

“The close link between health and housing has long been widely recognised. As a landlord, the health and wellbeing of our tenants is very important to us.


“We are in a prime position to know where there may be a reluctance by people to come forward for life-saving health screening and want to assist our partners in raising awareness among our tenants to help improve their health and wellbeing, and hopefully save lives.”


The project comes after a pilot at the end of 2021. Public engagement sessions were held in Dewsbury’s Crow Nest Park and across the Dewsbury Moor area. Awareness-raising sessions at two local mosques were also held.


The engagement sessions resulted in more than 80 bowel testing kits being ordered and over 200 residents received key information about the various screening programmes, spotting signs and symptoms and knowing when and how to seek help.


The sessions also provided an opportunity to gain valuable feedback about barriers to accessing the screening programmes. This insight is being shared with relevant local health partners to help shape services and improve accessibility.


Further events are being planned for summer 2022. Homes and Neighbourhoods staff will continue their partnership working in raising awareness among tenants in North Kirklees.


In 2023, it is planned the scheme will be rolled out to include the whole of Kirklees. The scheme will help inform even more residents around the importance of accessing preventative health screening programmes and how to seek help.