£1.5m of energy rebate payments to be processed daily

Energy Rebate - Photo of person holding and reading a letter

What is the Energy Rebate Scheme?

We’ve started processing payments for the Council Tax Energy Rebate scheme. This is the government initiative to support people with the rising cost of energy bills.

Over the next few weeks, we aim to have supported almost 95,000 households across Kirklees to access the scheme.  We will be paying out more than £14 million – a turnaround of around £1.5 million every day.

If you pay your council tax by direct debit…

We are currently making payments of the £150 rebate to people who pay their council tax by direct debit.  We can process these payments more quickly, as a direct debit account allows us to process a large amount of eligibility and payment information automatically.

We’ve already confirmed just under 95,000 direct debit payers as eligible, and they can expect to receive their payments between now and 23 May 2022.

Due to the government’s assurance processes, we still need to do checks on direct debit payers.  We are in the process of contacting people directly about any issues we have found during these checks.  For example, if your latest direct debit payment has failed, or we’ve not taken a successful council tax payment yet. If this applies to you, you will receive a letter from us soon.

If you don’t pay your council tax by direct debit…

You’ll need to make a separate application if you don’t pay your council tax by direct debit.  We’re aiming to make the online application form live soon after 23 May.

We’re currently working to make the application process as simple as possible. This will mean that the £150 rebate is paid into your bank account within two weeks of a successful application.

We are committed to helping every eligible Kirklees household receive this rebate. We will make sure this application process works for everyone, even if you struggle filling in forms or don’t have a valid bank account.

Once the process is live, we expect to process around 10,000 applications per day, paying out millions more to households in need.

If you need help more urgently…

If you haven’t received your rebate yet, and are really struggling financially, you may be entitled to additional support through our Local Welfare Provision.  Any support provided between now and when you receive your rebate payment is in addition to the rebate itself.

You can find more information on the rebate, and find out whether you’re eligible, on our Council Tax Energy Rebate page.