You can now apply online for your Council Tax Energy Rebate

Council tax energy rebate

The application form for the Council Tax Energy Rebate is now live on our website, and we’re currently receiving more than 1,000 successful applications every day.

When will you receive your rebate?

We’ve been working to make sure the application process for the energy rebate is as smooth and simple as possible, so that we can get the £150 rebate in your bank account within two weeks of a successful application.

Struggling to make an application?

If you or someone you know struggles with using the internet, or may struggle filling in the form itself, please call 01484 225331 – we have a dedicated team on hand to help you.

If you don’t have a registered bank account, or you’re receiving an error message saying your bank details aren’t recognised, please email us at

If you’re facing other challenges with your application, you can contact us directly for support through the chat function on our website, or by calling the main switchboard on 01484 221000 and asking about the Council Tax Energy Rebate.  We’re committed to helping every eligible Kirklees household receive their £150.

If you pay your council tax by direct debit and haven’t received your rebate…

Just under 95,000 people have already received their rebates, because through direct debit accounts we were able to perform a lot of the government’s required checks automatically.

However, for some direct debit payers, issues were flagged during our automatic checks.

You’ll receive a letter from us very soon to explain the issue with your account, and help you resolve it.  Please do not submit a further application in the meantime.

If you’re in this situation, you can read our article specifically for direct debit payers to find out more.

Ready to apply?

To find out more about the Council Tax Energy Rebate, check whether you’re eligible, and make an application, visit the Council Tax Energy Rebate page on our website.