Join us in supporting Clean Air Day 2022

We’re supporting Clean Air Day 2022 on 16 June. The theme for this year’s campaign is: “Air pollution dirties every organ in your body. Take steps to improve your health this Clean Air Day.”

What are the effects of poor air quality?

Health issues caused by poor air quality can be wide ranging, from coughs, wheezing and shortness of breath, to reduction in life expectancy, through heart and lung disease, strokes and cancer, and can affect people of all ages.

Find out more about the health impacts of poor air quality.

What are we doing to improve air quality?

Kirklees is already a Smoke Control Area which helps to reduce poor air quality through the banning of smoke emitted from chimneys. We take local air quality very seriously. Good air quality benefits every single one of us and the local areas we live in. And reducing air pollution is one of the most important things we can do for our health and wellbeing. Everybody can do something to improve air quality in our District and you can use our services and get helpful advice from our website.

Find out more about Kirklees Council Air Quality Strategy

What can you do to improve air quality?

Take steps to improve your health

 Why not take steps to improve your health and walk or cycle those short distance trips where you can? Leaving the car at home is better for the air and your health. There’s even a Clean Air Day playlist to help you on your way!

Spotify – Clean Air Day 2022 Walking Playlist

Reduce your personal pollution footprint

Find out what your personal pollution footprint is and get tips on how you can decrease it. Air Pollution Calculator (

Use wood burning stoves effectively

The use of wood burning stoves can have serious negative effects on air quality, particularly if stoves are not serviced and used properly.

The burning of fuels such as coal and wood releases nitrogen oxide and carbon monoxide pollutants into the air, affecting air quality both inside and outside the home, potentially leading to respiratory disease for the occupiers with children and older people particularly at risk.

We recognise that solid fuel appliances can be a cheaper way to heat homes during the current energy crisis, if you have a wood burning stove, here’s how you can help:

  • Use smokeless fuel
  • Buy ‘ready to burn’ from a reputable supplier
  • Use an approved, exempt appliance

Find out about approved appliances and fuels

Have a look at our tips on Keeping your house warm | Kirklees Council

Dispose of household waste responsibly (Don’t burn it!)

Smoke from bonfires and open air burning of garden, household and other waste increases pollutants and lowers air quality. It can present a nuisance to neighbours too, which can also be considered an offence.

Here are some alternative ways in which you can use our services to get rid of your garden and household waste;

  • Composting – an excellent, green way to reuse garden and household waste.
  • Garden Waste Collections – For a small annual fee, Kirklees Council can collect your garden waste for you, either in brown bins or bagged waste collection.
  • Bulky Waste Collections – burning things like sofas and mattresses is extremely polluting and unsafe. Kirklees Council can collect your bulky items and other household waste for a small fee.
  • Household Waste Recycling Centres – You can take garden and household waste to your local recycling centre for free.

You can report nuisance bonfires at

Thank you for joining us in supporting Clean Air Day 2022

Collectively these small steps help improve our air quality and move Kirklees that little bit closer to being net zero by 2038. By understanding the effects some of our decisions are making and the big impacts small changes can make, together we can make great strides in improving our local living environments but also contribute to the greater picture of improving the climate for the UK and world.