Celebrating 74 years of the NHS

nhs worker

To celebrate the NHS’ 74th Birthday on 5 July people are being encouraged to raise a cuppa for the NHS Big Tea event.

Get involved 

As part of the celebrations, NHS Charities Together is asking NHS Trusts and charities across the UK to take part in the charity event.

The day is aimed at bringing NHS staff, patients and communities together ­­­­­for a moment of thanks after the challenging couple of years everyone faced during the pandemic.

Councillor Masood Ahmed, the Mayor of Kirklees said:

“The incredible staff in the NHS continue to work tirelessly to keep us safe and well.

“We all know the sacrifices and challenges they faced over the last two years.

“That is why it is still vitally important that we continue to support them and the charities which give them additional resources to help them.

“Thank you to all the NHS staff past and present who have helped keep this country healthy.”

Work of the charities

Over the last two years NHS Charities Together have funded over 600 projects in every Trust and Health Board across the UK to support staff, patients and volunteers from counselling and wellbeing rooms, to specialist equipment and training for volunteers.

This year, NHS Charities Together hopes to make the event the biggest NHS Big Tea to date, with a collective fundraising target of over £775,000.

To sign up to host your own NHS Big Tea event visit www.nhscharitiestogether.co.uk