Recycling Champions wanted in Kirklees

recycling champion Steve puttinga plastic tub in this green bin.

Are you a “Green Superhero”? Could you be one of our next lot of Recycling Champions?

There are Just under 50 active volunteer Recycling Champions in Kirklees that work with us and our communities to promote best practices in recycling. However, we need more volunteers to come on board so that together we can make a greater impact across the district.

Creating a Cleaner and Greener Kirklees

Councillor Will Simpson, Cabinet Member for Culture and Greener Kirklees, stressed the value of being a Champion in saying;

“Being a Recycling Champion is all about working together to deliver our shared vision of a cleaner, greener Kirklees where waste is valued as a resource rather than it being simply thrown away.

“The role involves volunteering a bit of your time to talk to friends, neighbours, work colleagues and community groups about recycling and reducing waste to help create a better environment in Kirklees.

“If you are interested in the environment, recycling, and reuse, if you like sharing information with others, or would simply like to understand more about recycling and minimising waste, you could become a Recycling Champion and help us to create a cleaner, greener Kirklees.”

Join us says Simon

Simon Pike is a member of the first cohort of Recycling Champions and said:

“Being part of the Recycling Champions has provided me with insight into how recycling operates and is developing in the region. I have been impressed by the enthusiasm and motivation of the council team with its genuine desire to make things work and to improve recycling rates for the benefit of everyone in Kirklees.”

More about the role

The Recycling Champion role is very informal and flexible. Recycling Champions provide advice and guidance to people in the local community about reducing waste. By reusing, and recycling items and reducing their negative impact on the environment.

Each Champion will be given training and will receive an information pack with useful items to pass on to others.

Current Recycling Champions engage in a wide variety of activities including helping others know how to use their green recycling bin effectively. Assisting the council’s Recycling and Waste Advisors at recycling events, distributing leaflets, explaining where to take items that can be reused and networking with other Champions to share tips and knowledge about recycling opportunities in Kirklees.

If you like the sound of becoming a Recycling Champion, register your interest online at Recycling champions | Kirklees Council