A new report has revealed how we formed an even stronger partnership with schools to support pupils during the Covid-19 pandemic

Our Kirklees Futures

A new report has revealed how we formed an even stronger partnership with schools to support pupils during the Covid-19 pandemic – and how we plan to develop local learning in the future.

Nationally, the pandemic was one of the most challenging periods ever experienced by the education sector, but in Kirklees there was a huge push to ensure children and young people still achieved good grades. Vitally, a new vision is also in place to help learners of all ages reach their full potential.

Next week, the members of Kirklees Cabinet will discuss a report which says during the 2020/21 academic year:


  • There was excellent work from school leaders, teachers, parents, carers and partner organisations in responding to the pandemic. Schools made rapid but difficult decisions and implemented them at pace.


  • There was a strong partnership between schools, learning settings and the council to ensure vulnerable pupils and their families were supported.


  • In all phases of education, most children and young people adapted to learning in a different way. For many, the loss of onsite education disrupted routines and a lack of physical activities provided challenges. The council, however, harnessed its relationship with the Kirklees family of schools by helping them to deliver remote learning, identifying gaps and ensuring there were wellbeing checks for pupils at home.


  • Schools, settings and the council did extra work in helping children to transition from one phase of education to the next, for example from primary school to secondary school.


  • When lockdown meant most pupils were learning at home, the council supplied over 5,300 pieces of IT equipment to children and young people who needed them the most. Kirklees was one of the leading authorities in the country for providing this support.


The report also outlines ‘Our Kirklees Futures’ – a partnership bringing together Kirklees Council, education providers and wider partners with the ambition for every learner to have the best start in life.

Our Kirklees Futures shapes local learning all the way through to 2030. It aims to make Kirklees a national centre of excellence, establishing the values of strong, inclusive, supportive and high-achieving education for all ages.

A recent learning summit saw education professionals and other partners unite behind the vision and, as a next step, it is intended that a plan of action will be agreed.

Cllr Carole Pattison, Cabinet member for Learning, Aspiration and Communities, said:

“This report to Cabinet highlights the unprecedented issues faced by schools and education settings as a result of Covid-19.

“They offered incredible support to children, young people and families, often going way beyond the call of duty. We will always be grateful for the difference they have made.

“It’s also recognised that, throughout the country, the disruption caused by Covid had a negative effect on many learners. At a time when formal exams were cancelled, our work with schools was essential to pupils still achieving well.

“That shows why Our Kirklees Futures is so forward-thinking and exciting. It will help Kirklees to be ahead of the game, developing the next generation and supporting them to be successful and fulfilled citizens.

“Our Kirklees Futures is a true partnership with long-term ambitions. As well as improving outcomes, it aims to tackle inequalities and build lifelong skills.

“Kirklees children and young people deserve the absolute best. By working together and nurturing the talents of all learners, we can make a profound difference in so many lives.”


Cabinet members will discuss the report at their meeting on July 26th. Read the Cabinet report.