Maryam’s mental health journey – Social Prescribing to the rescue

cost of living support

The Cost of Living crisis can have an impact on people’s mental health.  There’s a range of free mental health services out there that can provide support and guidance, no matter what your situation.

Our Social Prescribing team, (one of the many teams to go to for support) works alongside GP practices in Kirklees to offer free support to people struggling with their mental health. 

Here’s how Mental Health Social Prescribing Link Worker Cara came to the rescue of one resident.

Maryam‘s journey

Maryam is a 45-year-old single mum, living in a busy village centre with her 14-year-old daughter. She had recently left an abusive marriage that left her mentally, physically and financially vulnerable. Her husband had used her name for business ventures that she was unaware of, leaving her with debts and unable to cope. Maryam also had health conditions and her young daughter had been caring for her.

Cara to the rescue

Cara met Maryam at home to unpick Maryam’s situation and turn it into manageable parts to tackle without Maryam feeling overwhelmed.

She contacted the hospital and managed to expedite Maryam’s referrals which made her feel more positive about treatment moving forward.

Coffee in the community

They started meeting in the community for a coffee and built up a nice relationship where Maryam enjoyed going out again and started to contact friends to socialise more.

Cara referred Maryam to Independent Children and Families Services and together they have managed Maryam’s debts making a big impact.  This really empowered Maryam to see the changes that were made and really gave her the confidence to tackle future problems.

Looking forward

Maryam really felt Social Prescribing had changed her outlook and the support received was invaluable. She is now volunteering in the community, utilising her cooking skills to give back and continues to thrive for a better future for herself and her daughter.

Find out how to access support from our Social Prescribing team.