Financial boost for our foster carers

Foster Care

We are giving extra support to vulnerable children by increasing our payments to foster carers.

Carers receive allowances for the vital work they do in giving children a safe and loving home – the maintenance allowance is to cover costs, while there is a further allowance to reflect skills and experience.

These allowances are going up by seven per cent and five per cent respectively and have been backdated to April 2022.

Ally, who fosters with Kirklees Council, said: “I was thrilled with the council uplift which took effect this year. Fantastic!  This will make an immediate difference to Kirklees children and young people who are in foster care. Thank you!”

Another carer, Steph, said: “This has been greatly received by foster carers across Kirklees. The council has recognised that foster carers have been impacted by the global inflation crisis and have stepped up to ensure we receive a competitive allowance, expert training and ongoing support, enabling us to continue giving children and young people a loving, stable home.”

There is an extra five per cent increase to the allowance paid when people care for additional children, such as brothers and sisters.

Cllr Viv Kendrick, Cabinet Member for Children said:

“Kirklees has always offered competitive financial packages to its foster carers, but the impact of the cost of living crisis cannot be ignored.

“Foster carers are incredibly important and we want to support them. We truly value their role in helping our most vulnerable children enjoy happier and more fulfilled lives.

“These increases are brilliant news for carers and also for our children and young people, who deserve the best possible start.

“We always need more people to step forward and ask us about fostering. If you think you can make a lasting difference in young lives, please get in touch.”

The council always aims to place looked after children with a Kirklees foster family. Sadly, when this isn’t possible, we must look for alternative placements which can lead to the child being placed outside of the area, potentially leading to a change of school and weaker links to their family and friends.

For more details about the benefits of fostering with Kirklees Council, visit our fostering web page. You can email or call for a chat on 0800 389 0086.