Shaping a thriving community through the Holmfirth Blueprint

Holmfirth Blueprint Consultation Results

Where the River Holme flows, and the spirit of regeneration fills the air. From the seed of an idea to a flourishing community, this journey is all about growth, transformation, and coming back to a place you’re proud to call home. Calling all Holmfirth residents and businesses! We have some exciting news to share with you.

A round-up of the public consultation results

Our new Holmfirth Blueprint webpage includes a section sharing the valuable insights and feedback we received from our recent consultation on blueprint plans. The feedback has helped to guide the development plans for the town centre.

The results have also allowed the team to review the initial objectives – to understand if these were appropriate and fit for purpose. As highlighted in the consultation report, some of the objectives had strong support, some were closely connected and needed to be consolidated, some were not quite right and needed changing or adding to, and there were several new objectives that should be considered.

The Holmfirth Blueprint is not just a collection of plans and ideas: it represents our collective vision for a brighter future and a thriving community. In total, 432 people completed the online questionnaire, while a further 32 filled in and returned a paper copy.

What does this mean for the residents of Holmfirth?

For residents, this means so much more than just cosmetic improvements or new infrastructure. It means creating a place we can all be proud to call home. Enhanced quality of life, with improved amenities, green spaces, and community facilities. It means safer, more accessible streets, where everyone can move freely and enjoy the beauty of the town. It means a renewed sense of belonging and pride in our local heritage and identity.

What about the businesses of Holmfirth?

For our local businesses, this is an incredible opportunity for growth and prosperity. The regeneration will attract new visitors, breathe new life into our town centre, and provide a platform for entrepreneurs to thrive. With the blueprint as our guide, we will promote a vibrant business ecosystem, creating jobs, boosting the local economy, and positioning Holmfirth as a destination for innovation, creativity, and unique experiences.

We need you!

We can’t do this alone. We need your active participation and support to make this vision a reality.

Visit the Holmfirth Blueprint webpage to explore our objectives, initiatives, and the exciting progress we’ve made so far. The feedback from our community consultation has been invaluable in shaping our plans and ensuring they align with the needs and aspirations of our residents and businesses.

Get inspired by the possibilities and join us on this journey of regeneration and community transformation.

Stay tuned for regular updates, inspiring stories, and opportunities to get involved.

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The Holmfirth Blueprint master plan will be launched very soon, so keep your eyes peeled!