Our second annual summit for Our Kirklees Futures (OKF) brought over 100 education professionals together at the John Smith Stadium


OKF is our council-led plan that shapes learning all the way through to 2030 with the aim of making Kirklees a national centre of excellence, establishing the values of strong, inclusive, supportive and high-achieving education.

What was the theme of the event?

The event centered around the theme of transition in a child’s school journey. It looks at the critical challenges and opportunities that students face during their educational transitions.

Coming together as a system provided an invaluable platform for education professionals to exchange ideas, share best practices, and explore innovative approaches to supporting students through these significant milestones.

The workshop sessions allowed attendees to delve into areas such as seamless transitions between schools, effective collaboration between educational institutions, emotional well-being during transition periods, and the role of parents in supporting their child’s educational journey.

Who attended the event?

There were inspirational guests including Matthew Burton. Matthew featured in the TV show Educating Yorkshire and Sharon Gray OBE, who is a specialist in developing SEND provision. Also present were headteachers, senior school staff and education partners, while there was a musical performance from Musica.

Cllr Carole Pattison, Cabinet member for Learning, Aspiration and Communities, said:

”A child’s life within the schooling system is one of continuous change, not just moving up a school year every 12 months, but new environments, new friendships, and new challenges. There are national tests, GCSE option choices, SATS, and the question of what to do at 16

“It is very important for our school leaders to come together, to have the opportunity to look at the importance of transition, these moments of change and challenge and to work together, in the spirit of Our Kirklees Futures, to ensure the best for all young people and their families.”

Nadia Sweryt-Hannam, Principal at Birstall Primary Academy, who was at the event said:

”I am confident that the insights gained from the workshops and the wisdom shared by our keynote speakers will assist Kirklees schools with their approaches to transition at all levels.

“Today was about setting out the crucial role of pastoral care as part of school’s core purpose. Leaders were provided with practical takeaways around how schools can build an evidence informed as well as integrated approach to taking care of their pupils post pandemic.”


More about Our Kirklees Futures

Our Kirklees Futures was co-produced with the local education sector alongside organisations that work with families, after listening to the voice of young people.

The plan outlines priorities and describes the vision for education in Kirklees. It features a series of actions that will be taken over several years.

You can read more about  Our Kirklees Futures on the council website.