A new generation of play areas in Kirklees

Young people in Kirklees can enjoy improved play spaces thanks to the Playable Spaces project.

The strategy was launched in 2019 with an investment of £9.5 million to improve outdoor play provision throughout the district for children and young people, their families, and carers.

Despite facing significant challenges due to global events, the commitment and passion of our officers and residents has been unwavering as they continue to deliver improvements to playable spaces to ensure they meet the needs of local communities and support the physical and mental health of citizens across Kirklees.

What’s happening?

Since work started in 2021, 49 sites have had modern designs drawn up, of which 42 have already been shared and discussed with residents, and of those 5 sites are ready for construction to start. 4 sites are actively being worked on and 16 sites have been completed.

We work with ward councillors and communities to deliver the best design for each site, considering that different communities may have hugely different needs and requirements from a play space.

What do people think?

One of the refurbished play sites, Causeway Crescent Park in Linthwaite, proved extremely popular with children in the area.

According to Merryn, a student at Linthwaite Clough, the place looks great and provides a lot of fun with a good variety of new things.

Olivia, another student from the same school, noted the expansion of the area and improvements in the swings, which used to be creaky. She also mentioned that the roundabout, which was previously graffiti-covered, is now clean.

Emily, yet another student from Linthwaite Clough, finds the place very child-friendly, with low swings and monkey bars that are easy to access.

What’s next?

The rolling programme of work will continue to cover all 250 sites across Kirklees. Sites will be prioritised on the age of equipment, condition, and community requirements.

Cllr Masood Ahmed, Cabinet Member for Environment said:

“Our research, as part of the Playable Spaces strategy, highlights the importance of intergenerational play and the health and wellbeing benefits that this can bring to people of all ages. One of the aims of this project is to create play areas that encourage young people and their families to play together and enjoy the benefits of getting active outdoors.

“Our newly refurbished sites include a variety of innovative equipment to encourage natural play to forge connections with the local environment and give our communities the opportunity to enjoy free fun in the fresh air, and a place to form social connections and improve physical and mental wellbeing.

“We have a rolling programme of consultation that will cover sites across the district, I hope residents will take part and give us their views on our proposed designs. We use feedback, where possible, to ensure our play spaces best fit our diverse and individual communities across Kirklees.”

Find out more information

More information and current consultations can be found on the Playable Spaces pages on our website.

Regualr updates are posted on the Kirklees Parks & Green Spaces Facebook page.