Find out what roadworks are happening near you

One Network website

One Network is an online resource accessible by Kirklees residents and businesses to find out what road works are happening near them.

The council’s Network Management and Co-ordination team use One Network to help coordinate and plan works on the highway. Additionally, adding local roadworks to the map. This means Kirklees residents, as well as businesses (and other road users such as public transport operators and other council teams) can find information about current and planned highways works which might affect their journeys, all in one place, helping them to plan ahead and make alternative arrangements if needed.

The information displayed on One Network is automatically updated throughout the day. This makes it as current as possible and includes unplanned and emergency works that may require road closures. For example this could include repairing damaged water mains or gas pipes.

How do I sign up?

Signing up to One Network is free and can be done by visiting the One Network website and then clicking on the sign-up link in the panel on the right-hand side of the map. This is under the orange ‘sign in’ button, then follow the step-by-step guide from there. The full user guide can be viewed at User guides |

Setting up Alerts

Once an account has been created, an alert can be set up by clicking on the circle icon next to the user account name. Alerts can be set for email updates notifying of upcoming roadworks, road closures, or other traffic disruptions such as events, in the local area. Alerts can also be set for the map’s visible area, or for a specific location and tailored by traffic impact – high, medium, low, or all.