Councillor Cathy Scott elected Leader of Kirklees Council

cllr cathy scott deputy leader of kirklees council

At this week’s Council Meeting (Wednesday 13 September), Cllr Cathy Scott, was formally elected Leader of Kirklees Council. Cllr Scott had been Acting Leader of the Council since July.

At the same time, Cllr Scott has confirmed that Cllr Paul Davies will continue in his role as Deputy Leader of the Council alongside the seven Cabinet Members responsible for major decisions across the council’s services.

Cllr Scott said:

“It’s such a privilege to represent Kirklees. I love this place and I’m ambitious for our people and communities. We have some major challenges ahead of us, but I’ve got the right team around me to do the very best for everyone who lives and works here.

“All our vital services, from supporting children to social care, rely on stable funding. Our priority has to be to deliver that stability and set a balanced budget next year. At the same time, we need to continue to support local people through this cost-of-living crisis and build hope for the future by improving the local economy. We’ve got plans in place to achieve all of that and it’s now up to us to deliver it.

“None of this will be easy but I’m ready for the challenge. This is a fresh start for Kirklees.”