Become a School Appeal Panel Member

Could you be a school appeal panel member?

Do you want to help children in Kirklees get the best start? School Appeal Panel Members are volunteers who sit on appeal panels to make impartial decisions.

If a child is refused a place at a school, they are entitled to appeal against that decision through an independent appeals panel.

To ensure impartiality, panels are made up of volunteers from all walks of life, who bring with them a range of experience, skills, and views.

Where you go to school can determine the friends you make, the role models you meet, and ultimately your path in life, so it’s important that children in Kirklees get a fair choice on what’s best for them.

A current panel member had this to say:

“I find the work of being a panel member rewarding. It’s a crucial job to balance the need of schools with that of the child who is appealing for a place.

No two cases are the same and I am still learning my trade even after being a panel member for quite a few years.”

Find out more about the voluntary role, what it entails, and any allowances on the Kirklees Council Job Site. 

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