Kirklees Council Embraces the Holmfirth Blueprint

Holmfirth, the heart of our community, is on the cusp of a remarkable transformation. We’ve heard your voices, residents, businesses, and local groups, and we are thrilled to announce the formal adoption of the Holmfirth Blueprint – a comprehensive plan designed to invigorate Holmfirth Town Centre.

A vision for all: A town for residents and businesses

The Holmfirth Blueprint isn’t just about drawing in more visitors; it’s about creating an attractive community where residents can thrive, and businesses can flourish. We’ve worked closely with local organisations, businesses, and the residents, to craft a blueprint that paints a vivid picture of Holmfirth’s future.

The foundation of this plan was laid through the Place Standard work in 2021, but it truly took shape during the public consultation in late 2022. We’ve been engaged with you throughout this journey, with workshops and discussions with local stakeholders.

Five key elements of the blueprint

The Holmfirth Blueprint is built on five key elements that will reshape the town centre:

Image showing various opportunities for development around the town centre.

Alt tag: Image showing various opportunities for development around the town centre.

  1. Put the river Holme back at the heart of the town centre: The picturesque River Holme will take centre stage with improved access closer to the water’s edge, offering breathtaking views. This project has already gained significant support from our Holmfirth community.
  2. Repurposing spaces: We’re exploring opportunities to repurpose underutilised spaces to inject more variety and vibrance into our town centre.
  3. Market Hall demolition: The disused market hall will make way for a multifunctional outdoor space and a widened bridge. This will not only enhance parking options, including space for cyclists and electric vehicle charging, but also provide room for outdoor markets and events that will boost our local economy.
  4. Improved streets: To ensure everyone can enjoy our town centre, we’re planning street improvements that create more space for pedestrians and cyclists. This initiative will also improve traffic flow, making it easier to travel to and from Holmfirth.
  5. Celebrating heritage and culture: Our town’s rich heritage and culture will be highlighted through various projects and developments in the town centre. Expect public realm improvements, upgraded pathways, and new play equipment in places like Sands Recreational Grounds and Victoria Park, making Holmfirth more family-friendly.

Councillor Graham Turner, Cabinet Member for Finance & Regeneration, shares his excitement:

“It’s fantastic to see the Holmfirth Blueprint being adopted. Holmfirth is one of our most bustling beauty spots, and we want to capitalize on what’s already there while creating a town centre that will stand the test of time. We’ve worked hard to ensure our plans align with the needs of Holmfirth’s residents, workers, and regular visitors. We’re not just enhancing the town’s appeal to visitors; we’re also solidifying Holmfirth as a place where people can put down roots and become part of a great community. This plan celebrates our past while shaping a promising future. I can’t wait to see this vision come to life.”

Want to know more?

If you’re eager to learn more about the Holmfirth Blueprint and what it means for the town’s future, then visit

Copies of the Holmfirth Blueprint document will be available from:

  • Holmfirth Library
  • The Tech
  • The Civic Hall

Holmfirth is about to embark on an exciting journey of revitalisation, and it’s an adventure we’re all part of.

Stay tuned for updates and progress on the Holmfirth Blueprint as we work together to shape the future of this unique town.