Interactive sensory table support library users with dementia

Mobbi table

People living with dementia now have access to an interactive, accessible sensory table following a donation from the Friends of Birstall Library.

Magic table

The Mobii table, also known as the “Magic table”, is a motion activated projection system that projects pictures and images on the to table. When touched, swiped or poked, the images reacts – whether it’s a school of fish changing direction, a bouncing ball or flowers bursting into bloom, the Mobii table gives people with dementia a period of concentration, mental interaction and relaxation.

people using the table

Game changing equipment

The table has different games to choose from each delivering engaging activities and encourages gentle physical and mental activities, providing people with dementia the opportunity to socialise, change their mood and improve their emotional wellbeing.

The Mobii table is located at Birstall Library and free to use.

people using the table