Preserving History: The Estate Building

Estate Building

Huddersfield is undergoing a significant transformation, with many of its historic and charming buildings already receiving a facelift. Work to restore The George Hotel is well under way, works have started on the Byram Arcade, and now the historic Estate Building is having a much-needed makeover.

With the support of Historic England and High Streets Heritage Action Zones (HSHAZ) initiative, we’re witnessing a remarkable makeover that promises to rejuvenate Huddersfield town centre, support local businesses, and potentially offer a unique living experience.

Front elevation looking at the building wrap of the Estate Building.

A home with a story

For those considering making Huddersfield their home, the Estate Building will offer more than just a place to live—it will offer a piece of history. Furthermore, the meticulous restoration work ensures that residents will enjoy a blend of old-world charm and modern comfort in the new residential apartments. It’s an opportunity to live in a building with a story, a place where the past meets the present.

Bringing life back to Huddersfield town centre

Huddersfield town centre is a place where people can make connections, memories, and build a community. The Estate Building restoration is a vital part of reviving the vibrancy of the town centre. It symbolises our community’s commitment to preserving our heritage and ensuring a bright future. This project also reflects the council’s commitment to history and community.

Amidst the gratitude extended to our contractors and local suppliers, we must give a nod to the internal technical teams who have spent many months working on this project. Their dedication, expertise, and tireless efforts have been integral to the success of the project ensuring that the Estate Building’s restoration meets the highest standards.

Thank you to our contractors

We would also like to extend thanks to our list of contractors and local suppliers, whose invaluable contributions have been instrumental in the success of this project:

Team of officers in the Estate Building courtyard, collaborating on project plan.

Our friends at Historic England have played a pivotal role in supporting our project team and providing invaluable advice throughout. Their guidance and expertise have been instrumental in the success of this project.

First phase

The objectives for phase one were to make the building wind and watertight and undertake essential stone works repairs, as well as the preservation of ornate stones and other original features such as the weathervanes, gutters, doors, railings, and gates. This was achieved through a collaborative effort involving HSHAZ, conservation teams, conservation architects, and funding support from Historic England.

Detailed look at the roof's condition before tile replacement on the Estate Building.
Complex scaffolding system on rooftop for conical turret preservation.
Conical turret preservation on the estate building roof.
Chimney restoration in progress at the Estate Building.

These works involved a full refurbishment of the sash windows to ensure they are fully operational. We installed a new Burlington Slate roof, meticulously replicating the original. Ornate and decorative stonework repairs were carried out, encompassing pinnacles, chimneys, and castellation on the Station Street elevation. These elements were crafted from new stone sourced from Johnsons Wellfield Crosland Hill Stone to precisely match the original design. The project also included repointing and descaling of Ashlar stone elevations. The courtyard elevations of the old warehouse building underwent a thorough steam cleaning.

The weathervanes were refurbished to their former glory. Chimney stabilisation works were done to ensure their structural integrity. Additionally, we managed the removal and refurbishment of the original cast iron gutters.

The council is continuing to work with Thirteen Group to develop detailed proposals for the development of the Estate Building for residential development. The council has entered into an 18-month exclusivity period with Thirteen Group, beginning in June, at the end of which they have the option to buy the property for residential development.

Stay tuned as the Estate Building reveals its renewed grandeur, ready to inspire us all once more.