We have made a commitment to tackle poor mental health

We have committed to tackling poor mental health in the area by signing up to the Prevention Concordat for Better Mental Health from Public Health England (PHE).

Working closely with Public Health England (PHE)

We will work closely with PHE, to make significant steps towards promoting good mental health and preventing mental health problems.
The Concordat marks the first time agencies across the community and care sectors have come together to make prevention a priority for mental health.

How many adults experience mental health problems?

One in six adults experiences at least one diagnosable mental health problem in their lifetime. This is influenced by the environment in which we are born, grow, live and work, meaning many of these problems can be prevented.

Why is it important to have good mental health?

Having good mental health is important because it can help us to be more resilient, feel good and function well, have more positive relationships with those around us and deal with difficult times now and in the future.

Rachel Spencer-Henshall, Director of Public Health for Kirklees Council said:

“We know that we are stronger and achieve more by working closely with our partners. This shows our commitment to tackling poor mental health which is one of our key priorities.
Promoting good mental health is everyone’s responsibility and can only be achieved if organisations – including local authorities, NHS trusts, businesses, local communities, and religious groups – work together at local and national level.”

Lily Makurah, national lead for public mental health at PHE, said:

“We’re delighted that Kirklees Council has joined the growing list of organisations signing up to our Prevention Concordat for Better Mental Health.
This is designed to help communities promote good mental health and prevent mental health problems. Through local and national action across sectors, we can all contribute to improving mental health and wellbeing and reducing stigma for everyone.”

How will signing up to the concordat help mental health in the community?

By signing up to the concordat, we are not only showing public leadership in addressing mental health problems in local communities, we are also putting effective prevention planning arrangements in place, using resources from PHE.
As well as recognising that mental health is as important as physical health, this represents a movement away from stigma and fear, and towards achieving a fairer and more equal society.

Do you need urgent help?

If you require more immediate support regarding your mental health please contact Kirklees 24 hour Single Point of Access Team on: 01924 316830
Feeling stressed or anxious contact Kirklees IAPT (Improving Access to Psychological Therapies) on: 01484 343700

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  • I’d love to help support others who are currently suffering mental ill health having had depression in the past myself.
    I have a background in teaching and am a storyteller and dance teacher.

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