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Community Plus restores hope

Person walking a dog on a lead

‘I need a reason to get up each day’. SH found themselves in trouble after they lost their job, separated with their partner and kids and were being threatened with eviction from their home. SH reached out to Kirklees and expressed how they were feeling lonely and anxious after being harassed by the landlord. SH opened up about how they

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Soul Searching exhibition displayed at Dewsbury Museum

The Planet's Mental Illness

From now up to 31 March you are able to appreciate and admire ‘Soul Searching’ – an exhibition of mental health related art work which is currently on show at Dewsbury Museum. The work on view in ‘Soul Searching’ is both thought-provoking and broad in scope. Some of it explores the dark recesses of the mind; other work uses the transformative

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Pathways photography exhibition at Cafe Ollo

pathways course

Enjoy some art with your coffee at Cafe Ollo in Huddersfield. You are invited to a free exhibition preview at Cafe Ollo in the Media Centre,  Huddersfield from 7.30pm on Friday 5 June. In addition to some beautiful photographic images there will also be music from bands including the ‘Hoot Guitar Orchestra’ and ‘Band of Jays’. Who are Pathways? Pathways, which is jointly

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