We are continuing to empty bins, but we need your support.

We are asking residents to consider the people who deal with their waste during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

1000s of our workers and contractors are still working to keep our streets clean and free of rubbish during this challenging time.   By the very nature of their job they are unable to work from home, which means they are more likely to come in contact with the virus.

How are we supporting them?

Whilst we are providing all the necessary equipment and doing everything we can to enable social distancing there will inevitably be people who need to self-isolate, which will put a strain on their collection crews and recycling facilities.

Residents can help keep everyone safe and the waste service operating by doing the following:

Putting the right things in the right bin

We have seen an increase in the amount of non-recyclable and potentially hazardous items being placed in green recycling bins.   Protective equipment such as overalls and masks should be placed in the household waste bin.  If you have come in contact with anyone who is ill or self-isolating your overalls and masks should be double-bagged and not placed in the grey bin for 72 hours.

Double bagging personal waste

If you are ill or self-isolating please double bag any personal waste, for example tissues and anti-bacterial wipes.  This waste should be kept separate from the rest of your rubbish and only put in the bin after 72 hours

Park sensibly on collection days

As more people are staying at home there are more cars on our residential streets.  Bin wagons are large and difficult to manoeuvre – please leave room for them to get down your street and if necessary turn around.

Washing your hands before and after touching your bin or rubbish bags

We should all be washing our hands more often,  and especially before and after touching something that other people might touch.  By washing your hands for 20 seconds with soap and water before and after handling waste containers you can help keep your family and the refuse workers safe.

Being responsible with your waste

We understand that closing the household waste sites means you might want to contact a professional to take your waste away, however it is essential that you only use a registered waste carrier.   Ask to see their licence before you agree to hand over your waste.    If you don’t and your waste ends up fly-tipped you could end up with a big fine.

Reduce and reuse as much as possible

We are aiming to keep collections running for as long as possible,  but now is a good time to start trying to reduce how much waste you create and how much you throw away.   There’s lots of ideas online,  and they’ll be sharing some on their waste and recycling bulletin over the coming weeks too.  You can sign up to receive these at www.kirklees.gov.uk/stayconnected

Cllr Walker, Cabinet Member for Environment said:

“I’d like to thank our refuse collection teams, and the people working at the recycling facility for their hard work and dedication in these difficult times.  They like many key workers are putting the good of the many above the their own needs on a daily basis.  Please respect the work they are doing by placing things in the correct bin,  the recycling bins are sorted by hand and placing potentially hazardous items in with the recycling puts people at completely unnecessary risk, you wouldn’t put our family in that position so please don’t do it to someone else.”

Cllr Naheed Mather, Cabinet member for Green Kirklees said:

“By working together at this difficult time we can make sure our streets stay clean and our countryside green,  so when we come out of this crisis we can all enjoy it.   I urge people to be responsible when disposing of their waste,  there are people who will take advantage of this situation for their own personal gain, but by following the advice above you can stop that happening and help keep yours and other people’s loved ones safe.”



  • Hi Nicola, I am sorry to hear this. Can you please email us your reference number to communication@kirklees.gov.uk and we will chase this with the team. Kind regards^CP

  • Hi, just letting you no again that my brown bin has not been emptied again I have to report all the time. My bin was put out the night before as usual but the bin men seem miss mine all the time I no they haven’t been down our street as I have cameras at the front. So when the contract runs out I will be not be renewing this.

  • Hello Rob, I am sorry to hear this. Could you please email communication@kirklees.gov.uk with your contact details and reference numbers and we will raise this with the correct department. Kind regards ^CP

  • Hi,

    We have paid for the brown/Garden waste service for 2 bins for the last year, and recently renewed. During this time there have been a minimum of 5 missed collections/10 weeks worth of no service, though no fault of ours. Missed bin reports have been raised every time with no updates, these are simply closed following the next collection 2 weeks later!

    Could someone please contact me to arrange partial refund for the services missed, as this is not acceptable. The webchat function seems to be currently disabled.



  • Hi thank you for raising this Anthony, can I just check that this is in Crosland Moor? All the best ^CP

  • Hi Paul, thank you for raising this I have passed this onto the waste team^cp

  • Hi

    Our bins are now getting emptied on random days. There has been no notification therefore only our neighbours who’s bins are effectively on the street all the time are getting emptied. As we bring our bins onto the drive they do not get emptied.
    The Kirklees website has been down for days therefore we can’t even find out if our collection day has been changed or not.
    The postcode is WF12 0SE

  • Anthony Hilbert

    Bins have not been emptied on Hawthorn Terrace for SEVEN WEEKS now. Garbage is piling up on and out of the houses and nobody seems to care, they collect from all the streets around and pass this one by. Contacted by phone and message, councilors have asked questions, we get lots of jolly messages saying it will all be fixed right away, and yet again it isn’t. What have the bin men got against this street? Did someone forget their Xmas box?

  • Thank you Mel, I have shared this with the waste team 🙂 ^CP

  • I’d like to say a big thank you to all the bin collection teams. Always smiling, even in this wet weather!

    A couple of weeks ago a very friendly team (K31) helped me with my bin and happily waited for me to run and grab a sheet of cardboard for the recycling lorry.

    It’s difficult to find a easy of complimenting the team directly through the Kirklees website, so I hope they get recognition this way.

    Thank you.

  • Hi Tracey, Do you have a My Kirklees account? It should work via the link 🙂 ^CP https://www.kirklees.gov.uk/beta/your-property-bins-recycling/garden-waste.aspx

  • I have had an email to renew my brown bin contract. I clicked on the “renew” link and logged into my account but there is nothing there, it just took me to the bin collection dates. What’s gone wrong here and how do I renew?

  • Hello Kelsang, Can you please send me your full address and contact details to Communication@kirklees.gov.uk and we will escalate this with the team.^CP

  • For years both my grey and green bins have regularly been missed for collection.

    January 2019 i spoke with Mr Dyer about this issue. He assured me it would all be taken care of and my bins would be emptied along with everyone else’s.

    It has not happend:

    06/05/2020 my green bin was emptied.

    13/05/2020: grey bin NOT emptied, job # 4028671.
    20/05/2020: green bin NOT emptied, job # 4031719.

    27/05/2020: grey bin emptied.

    03/06/2020: green bin NOT emptied. job # 4041292.
    10/06/2020: grey bin NOT emptied. job # 4046664

    This problem goes back years and nothing is done about it. i’m feeling very victimised. The bins of all my neighbours are regularly emptied, it is just mine which are left. Through ill-health i am on assisted bin collection but that means nothing, as the refuse collectors just ignore my bins and, though i regularly contact the environmental waste dept, nothing is done to help me.
    Can you imagine the backlog of waste at my home?

    When is something going to be done about this pressing issue??

    yours most disgruntled…

  • That’s great have a good weekend! ^CP

  • Angela cawthra

    Bin has now been emptied

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