We are continuing to empty bins, but we need your support.

We are asking residents to consider the people who deal with their waste during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

1000s of our workers and contractors are still working to keep our streets clean and free of rubbish during this challenging time.   By the very nature of their job they are unable to work from home, which means they are more likely to come in contact with the virus.

How are we supporting them?

Whilst we are providing all the necessary equipment and doing everything we can to enable social distancing there will inevitably be people who need to self-isolate, which will put a strain on their collection crews and recycling facilities.

Residents can help keep everyone safe and the waste service operating by doing the following:

Putting the right things in the right bin

We have seen an increase in the amount of non-recyclable and potentially hazardous items being placed in green recycling bins.   Protective equipment such as overalls and masks should be placed in the household waste bin.  If you have come in contact with anyone who is ill or self-isolating your overalls and masks should be double-bagged and not placed in the grey bin for 72 hours.

Double bagging personal waste

If you are ill or self-isolating please double bag any personal waste, for example tissues and anti-bacterial wipes.  This waste should be kept separate from the rest of your rubbish and only put in the bin after 72 hours

Park sensibly on collection days

As more people are staying at home there are more cars on our residential streets.  Bin wagons are large and difficult to manoeuvre – please leave room for them to get down your street and if necessary turn around.

Washing your hands before and after touching your bin or rubbish bags

We should all be washing our hands more often,  and especially before and after touching something that other people might touch.  By washing your hands for 20 seconds with soap and water before and after handling waste containers you can help keep your family and the refuse workers safe.

Being responsible with your waste

We understand that closing the household waste sites means you might want to contact a professional to take your waste away, however it is essential that you only use a registered waste carrier.   Ask to see their licence before you agree to hand over your waste.    If you don’t and your waste ends up fly-tipped you could end up with a big fine.

Reduce and reuse as much as possible

We are aiming to keep collections running for as long as possible,  but now is a good time to start trying to reduce how much waste you create and how much you throw away.   There’s lots of ideas online,  and they’ll be sharing some on their waste and recycling bulletin over the coming weeks too.  You can sign up to receive these at www.kirklees.gov.uk/stayconnected

Cllr Walker, Cabinet Member for Environment said:

“I’d like to thank our refuse collection teams, and the people working at the recycling facility for their hard work and dedication in these difficult times.  They like many key workers are putting the good of the many above the their own needs on a daily basis.  Please respect the work they are doing by placing things in the correct bin,  the recycling bins are sorted by hand and placing potentially hazardous items in with the recycling puts people at completely unnecessary risk, you wouldn’t put our family in that position so please don’t do it to someone else.”

Cllr Naheed Mather, Cabinet member for Green Kirklees said:

“By working together at this difficult time we can make sure our streets stay clean and our countryside green,  so when we come out of this crisis we can all enjoy it.   I urge people to be responsible when disposing of their waste,  there are people who will take advantage of this situation for their own personal gain, but by following the advice above you can stop that happening and help keep yours and other people’s loved ones safe.”



  • Hi Angela, I’m sorry to hear that. Did you report it via this link? https://www.kirklees.gov.uk/beta/your-property-bins-recycling/your-bins/?KDUser=nonKDqueryingApp=binManagement&transaction=report-a-missed-bin if so can you send me your reference number and i will send this to the team for an update ^CP

  • Hi Anita

    We’ll be in touch bu email (if we have your address) or postcard two weeks before its due with details of how to renew.



  • Good evening
    How do we renew out brown bin for another year please.
    Thank you

  • Angela cawthra

    Why has my bin collection been missed it was due on Monday. It not just mine it the whole estate. It was last last time it didn’t happen until Wednesday
    Reported it ,asked when we are likely to get collection but guy on phone extremely unhelpful. Just wonder what I am supposed to do as my bin is full and the bin men won’t take extra bags.I can’t take them to the tip as I am shielding. It the Springbank estate

  • Hello Martyna, Our crews are working to capacity in these challenging times in order to keep providing a full household waste and recycling service, as such it is not possible for them to take extra bags of waste. We have recently re-opening our household waste centres for household waste and garden waste that has understandably accrued as people stay home. Please see our updated webpage on household waste sites https://www.kirklees.gov.uk/beta/your-property-bins-recycling/household-waste-recycling-centres.aspx I hope this helps ^CP

  • Not sure whether it’s due to cooking everyday or the fact I have 2 babies and both in nappies I’ve been ending with more than a bin full of bin liners is it possible to ask council to remove extra bin liners on the side of my grey bin

  • Thank you, Mike :)^CP

  • Thanks for keeping up with excellent Bin collection service . Much appreciated

  • Hi Amy, I am sorry to hear this. Can you please log this as a complaint on our website and someone will look into this. https://www.kirklees.gov.uk/beta/contact-the-council/complaints-procedure.aspx ^CP

  • Hi Kevin, I am sorry to hear this. Can you please log this as a complaint on our website and someone will look into this. https://www.kirklees.gov.uk/beta/contact-the-council/complaints-procedure.aspx ^CP

  • Hi,
    I ordered a brown bin on March 24th, as soon as I heard that the tip was closing. The £37.50 was taken immediately from my account but it is now 6 weeks later and I have not received a bin or had any communication to say when it might be delivered.
    Kirklees are very quick to take your money but very poor on delivering a service or keeping you in the picture if they can’t provide that service. I very much hope that the 12 month period I have paid for will not start until the bin has been delivered!

  • Nicholas Pollett

    I just wanted to say thank you to the bin collection team for their work in these hard times.

  • EliseKirklees

    Hi Andrew, do you have a reference number of your complaint? if you do can you send me this to chase with the team? ^CP

  • EliseKirklees

    Nick, can I ask when you put the complaint in? Do you have a reference number? I will chase this with the team. ^CP

  • Hi. I filed a missed bin report for my brown bin which should have been emptied on wednesday. 4 others on my road were missed. I have tried to use both the online chat and the phone number you mention above but cannot get through to anyone. As it is our brown bin, we are paying for it. I understand things are difficult at the moment but I don’t understand why 4 bins were missed when the rest were emptied. They were all presented before 7am and I know they were all with the correct things in them.

  • I do appreciate you continuing to empty the bins, however I do not appreciate one your employees continuing to urinate on the wall outside my front gate. I have complained of this previously and it appears that the complaint has been ignored.

  • Hi Andrew, if this has already been logged then the department will be able to give an update on this. You can contact them on 01484 221000 and ask for the household waste team. All the best ^CP

  • When are the grey bins at Shannon Drive HD33UL going to be emptied . I have filled out a missed bin collection form and even spoke with your colleagues over the phone.

  • When are the grey bins at Shannon Drive HD33UL going to be emptied . I have reported this on your missed bins report , and also spoke with your representative on Thursday evening

  • Hi Mat, our crews are working to capacity in these challenging times in order to keep providing a household waste and recycling service, as such it is not possible for them to take extra bags of waste. You can find helpful hints online at: https://www.recyclenow.com/reduce-waste or by emailing recycling@kirklees.gov.uk ^CP

  • Hi Vicki, all household bin collections are running as usual. regards ^CP

  • That’s so nice to hear Lisa! We will definitely pass this onto the refuse team 🙂 Stay safe^CP

  • Left 2 bin bags very lite next to the bin and they didn’t collect them. But the pretty woman next door smiled at them and they took hers. Given the tip is closed I thin you have a responsibility to pick up the odd extra bag.

  • Please could you relay a huge thank you to our wonderful bin collection team in Skelmanthorpe today. Every week they all wave, smile and flash the truck’s lights for our profoundly physically and mentally disabled son, who really enjoys watching them empty the bins into the vehicle. Today, they left our son a fully working model truck replica as a gift… we couldn’t be more grateful, and cannot thank them enough for this, and their continued hard work and smiles, particularly during this Covid pandemic. All key workers deserve enormous praise, and we would like to pass our thanks to our great refuse collection team for making our son’s day today.

  • Will brown bins still be emptied pleaee

  • We have recently moved home, the previous home owner left the bin full so we have excess waste and have a baby and obviously home more than ever and the bin men (i appreciate their work i do) BUT have left 2 bin liners. No tip is open what are we suppose to do ?

  • Hi Rachel, please can you send your reference number and contact details to communications@kirklees.gov.uk and we will escalate this. ^CP

  • Hi Joanne, you can only report it on your Kirklees account at the moment. You can contact the teams directly via this link though with your ref number and contact details. https://www.kirklees.gov.uk/beta/contact-the-council/frequent-contacts/default.aspx?contact=waste%40kirklees.gov.uk regards ^CP

  • Hi Tahir, Our waste teams were collecting bins as usual yesterday. ^CP

  • Hi Sandra, garden waste is not permitted in grey or green bins still. If you have garden waste that you want to get rid of you can request a brown bin or arrange a garden waste collection with us whilst the recycling centres are shut. Hope this helps^CP

  • Please can Kirklees Council advise households what they are supposed to do with their grass cuttings, hedge trimmings etc? A lot of households are working from home, we have had the Easter break, we have had has some warm weather and everyone has been out in their gardens and as a result have lots of garden waste that we are unable to get rid of due to the tips being shut. Can we put it in the grey bins? Will the Council come round to collect garden waste? If not, all this will result in more fly tipping that the Council then has to remove. I have already seen a bog of grass cuttings on Halifax Old Road, near Ainley Top.

  • Hi. Is the Brown bins being collected today?

  • My green bin wasn’t emptied on Tuesday. Nothing in there that shouldn’t be. I reported it and have ref 4011803 – the bin still hasn’t been emptied. It says you can chase it up on my Kirklees account but I can’t find anywhere that shows I can.

  • Moved into a new property 19th February. Green and Grey bins ordered and paid for that week and STILL no delivery of them. It’s absolutely ridiculous, every time I call I’m told sorry I can see they’ve not been delivered yet. Its really not good enough. Now tips are closed what am I supposed to do with my waste?

  • Hi Gary, we have raised this thank you for highlighting it. Kind Regards ^CP

  • Hi Charon, Our crews are working to capacity in these challenging times in order to keep providing a full household waste and recycling service, as such it is not possible for them to take extra bags of waste. Kind Regards^ CP

  • Thanks Sam, Kind regards ^ CP

  • Hi David, I will chase this again for you. Please be mindful that it may take them a few days to respond due to the volume of work at this time and enquiries. Kind Regards ^CP

  • Sorry to hear this David. I will chase again for you. Kind Regards ^CP

  • Hi Elise. My bin is still full. 10 days after reporting it, I have still not received any communication whatsoever. Looks like we are both being ignored.

  • Hi Elise. Bin still full. I have not received any communication whatsoever. Looks like we are both being ignored.

  • I totally agree with all the positive comments made on what a brilliant job all the refuse collecters are doing around Kirklees. I’d also like to thank all the other Kirklees staff who are working hard to collect and clear the increased number of fly tips that have apeared since Covid-19. Keeping are communities looking clean and tidy…Thank you

  • Thank you to all waste management services yes agree bin men need a bonus at the end of this it’s an unpleasant job at the best of times maybe we should have a whip round for them?

  • as an icu nurse i really appreciate our fellow key workers continuing to collect our garbage but i was wondering if could we leave one extra bag of garbage with our bins, because the waste sites are closed I have garbage that doesn’t fit in my bin and its smelling…im worried it will be a hazard soon….thanks

  • These poor guys can’t even social distance from each other. Some are 3 to 4 in a wagon not to mention touching stuff from every household they service. They’re just as important as all supermarket workers who are all getting big bonuses. Doing them a disservice not giving the same!

  • Hi David, we passed your details to the waste team yesterday. Someone should be in touch shortly. Kind Regards ^CP

  • Beverley Stabler

    Our bin men are doing a great job, keep up the good work, think you all should get a bonus

  • Hi Elise. I sent you my details yesterday. Unfortunately the bin is still full, and I have not had anyone contact me by email or by phone. Do you think anyone will do anything?

  • Hi Jennifer, can you please report this on our website so the team can look into this further https://bit.ly/2R1DpEN Kind Regards ^CP

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