Spen Valley Leisure Centre – Build Update 04 February

Site visit 04 February 2021

Even though the weather seems to be going from bad to worse, excellent progress is being made on site at Spen Valley Leisure Centre.

After a few months of surveys and strip outs the end of another era dawned with the demolition of Peak Physique.  The building was the old centre’s satellite Gym and Exercise Studio space.

Clear out operation

The site is being cleared and all the old foundations stripped out. This space will then be landscaped to provide the new centre with some of its car parking facilities. But till then it provides some much needed space for the site.

Weather tight measures

In a follow on from the last blog, the windows have progressed to the start of the glass being installed. All this work is towards the future milestone of the building being weather tight. Something all the site workers will appreciate we’re sure!

Walking space

Finally, in this update, one of the last of the floor slabs are being prepared. Soon there will be a floor to walk on in what will become the changing village for the swimming pools.

Next time…

The next update should be able to show some of the first fix mechanical and electrical installation. And that dance floor from the last blog being filled with plant!

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