Community Plus restores hope

Person walking a dog on a lead

‘I need a reason to get up each day’.

SH found themselves in trouble after they lost their job, separated with their partner and kids and were being threatened with eviction from their home. SH reached out to Kirklees and expressed how they were feeling lonely and anxious after being harassed by the landlord.

SH opened up about how they were feeling, how they were at their lowest point and tried to take their own life. SH was receiving support for alcohol dependency and had no money to buy food.

Community Plus restores hope

SH was referred to Community Plus. They held weekly appointments to help with isolation, connected SH to online and community-based courses to encourage healthy eating; provided details of local walking groups and kept them motivated with positive outcomes.

Thanks to Fusion Housing, SH was allocated a new home which was carpeted and furnished. After the support from Community Plus, SH started to manage bills, enjoy walks and socialising. SH stopped drinking alcohol and felt more positive about the future.

Changed person

SH had a relapse and started to drink again. However, they still enjoy regular walks and has started going to regular counselling sessions. SH feels confident and is hopeful that they can stop drinking. SH has a dog who they walk 5 times a day and expressed how the dog had changed their life.

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