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The Cultural Heart – The beating heart of the town

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The journey so far …

The Huddersfield Blueprint’s ‘Cultural Heart’ will cover a whopping 7.87 acres of the town centre. The area covers Queensgate Market, the library and art gallery, the piazza shopping centre and the now demolished multi-story car park.

Aerial image of a development site for the Cultural Heart

Huddersfield town centre needs ambitious projects and serious investment to turn it into a thriving community hub and an inspiring place to live, work and visit. These new plans, if approved through the cabinet and planning will create the beating heart of the town centre and will transform it into a dynamic space for residents and visitors of all ages.

We want to make the Cultural Heart the place to be for culture, art, music, and social gatherings. This is a huge challenge, but our forward-looking plans for Huddersfield are preparing the town for present and future generations.

Earlier this year we set up a public consultation centre on the piazza and invited you to come and give us your feedback on phase one of the plans. We had many survey responses and multiple people attended the engagement events.

Click here for a reminder of the plans!

However, if you haven’t seen our initial designs previously, have a look around our virtual exhibition.

We are now using your feedback to work on our phase two designs. There will be a second opportunity to comment on the designs, when our second publication goes live from 15 August to 14 September.

In the meantime, if you would like to speak to a member of the team, please contact us via:

Email us: info@kirkleesculturalheart.co.uk

Telephone us: 0808 175 4300

Write to us: FREEPOST Cultural Heart