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The George Hotel – The Station Gateway Development

The council will support the vibrant creative economy around the town by providing spaces for new and developing businesses.

We aim to increase footfall and support local businesses in the town centre. We will be exploring opportunities for existing property to realise its full potential and make sure the assets we have are attractive to bring in new investors.

The George Hotel – The Station Gateway Development

People will have many memories of the hotel and will have spent many happy hours there. At least one person you know will have stepped foot through the doors of the George.

Most people will be aware of its heritage, its historical value, and its social status in the town. Many people will have visited the hotel for weddings, events, and social gatherings as well as using the accommodation facilities.

It began life as the George Inn and was built by the Ramsden Family in 1726, and named in honour of George I, it was initially built to serve clothiers and merchants trading in Huddersfield’s marketplace. The original George Inn was demolished and rebuilt in 1851 in St Georges Square

Bringing this iconic building back to life has been a hot topic for many people of our town. The George is the main building you see when coming out of the train station and when it is restored and opens its doors once again, is in a grand position to welcome visitors.  

If you have not seen it already, take a look at our video and go on a whistle-stop tour of the building and see for yourself the condition the building was in before we started the conservation works.  

We purchased this building because it is a significant part of our town, and we are committed to restoring it back to its former glory.

We are now in the first phase of conservation works which includes work on the exterior, and roofing. Preserving the heritage of the building and enhancing its importance to the history of Huddersfield is our main priority.  

Next Steps

We are looking for high-quality hotel operators to manage the building once all work is complete, subject to planning permission the building will offer 92 bedrooms with banqueting and event space, a bar and restaurant, and a conference and private dining room.

Watch this space for further updates!