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Huddersfield Rail Station Connections – The Station Gateway Development

Better access

Through significant levels of investment, Kirklees will deliver high-quality, transformational projects to improve key sustainable transport routes across Kirklees. Aiming to rejuvenate and regenerate our area, these plans will connect areas helping us to grow and build back our local economy whilst also addressing poor air quality, carbon emissions and congestion.

Huddersfield Rail Station Connections – The Station Gateway Development

Huddersfield Railway Station is at the heart of the Station Gateway, which is a key development site for the Huddersfield Blueprint. The station is a Grade I listed building and is the second busiest in West Yorkshire. In front of the station, St. George’s Square is bordered by other historic buildings, including Estate Buildings and the George Hotel. Both of these buildings are part of the Station Gateway development.

The journey so far …

Huddersfield Rail Station Connections

Huddersfield Railway Station is at the heart of the Station Gateway, a key development site for the Huddersfield Blueprint.

With such a busy railway station, people need easy access to buses, taxis, cars and there needs to be easy access for pedestrians and cyclists. Walking and cycling accessibility needs to be safe and reliable, currently, there is a lack of cycle lanes, with junctions on the ring road not easy for people to cross.

If you catch the train regularly you will have experienced the bustling of the station at its busiest times. You may have noticed some wear and tear in areas in the paved areas. New greenery would also be very well received. We all need more trees!

The project aims to make it easier for everyone to make their way between the railway station and the places they live, learn, work or visit. The proposed areas are:

  • Northumberland Street & John William Street
  • St. John’s Road
  • Trinity Street
    On-street Improvements
    Underpass Improvements
  • Cycle link to Greenhead Park
  • Brunswick Street Footpath
  • Huddersfield Rail Station Entrance Hall
  • Mobility Hubs
Aerial image of proposed six areas of the Huddersfield Rail Station Connections plans.

By addressing these issues, the Huddersfield Rail Station Connections project will help achieve the objectives of the town centre Blueprint.

Although journey patterns have changed because of Covid-19, new housing and employment growth means we anticipate increased demand for travel.

The changes we are proposing will help encourage more travel by walking, cycling, using buses and trains.

This project will also help make the town centre ready for the Transpennine Route Upgrade. In the upgrade, Network Rail plans to invest in the railway that runs through Huddersfield to Leeds, Manchester and beyond, to improve connectivity and help support economic growth in the north of England.

What’s next?

We asked for your feedback in November 2021 on our initial plans, we have been using the feedback to produce new designs and will be asking for your opinions on our more detailed designs and proposals towards the end of summer 2022.

Keep an eye on our channels to find out when the second phase of the Public Consultation begins. Details will be released on how you can get involved.

In the meantime, if you have any questions, you can email us at: