We are continuing to empty bins, but we need your support.

We are asking residents to consider the people who deal with their waste during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

1000s of our workers and contractors are still working to keep our streets clean and free of rubbish during this challenging time.   By the very nature of their job they are unable to work from home, which means they are more likely to come in contact with the virus.

How are we supporting them?

Whilst we are providing all the necessary equipment and doing everything we can to enable social distancing there will inevitably be people who need to self-isolate, which will put a strain on their collection crews and recycling facilities.

Residents can help keep everyone safe and the waste service operating by doing the following:

Putting the right things in the right bin

We have seen an increase in the amount of non-recyclable and potentially hazardous items being placed in green recycling bins.   Protective equipment such as overalls and masks should be placed in the household waste bin.  If you have come in contact with anyone who is ill or self-isolating your overalls and masks should be double-bagged and not placed in the grey bin for 72 hours.

Double bagging personal waste

If you are ill or self-isolating please double bag any personal waste, for example tissues and anti-bacterial wipes.  This waste should be kept separate from the rest of your rubbish and only put in the bin after 72 hours

Park sensibly on collection days

As more people are staying at home there are more cars on our residential streets.  Bin wagons are large and difficult to manoeuvre – please leave room for them to get down your street and if necessary turn around.

Washing your hands before and after touching your bin or rubbish bags

We should all be washing our hands more often,  and especially before and after touching something that other people might touch.  By washing your hands for 20 seconds with soap and water before and after handling waste containers you can help keep your family and the refuse workers safe.

Being responsible with your waste

We understand that closing the household waste sites means you might want to contact a professional to take your waste away, however it is essential that you only use a registered waste carrier.   Ask to see their licence before you agree to hand over your waste.    If you don’t and your waste ends up fly-tipped you could end up with a big fine.

Reduce and reuse as much as possible

We are aiming to keep collections running for as long as possible,  but now is a good time to start trying to reduce how much waste you create and how much you throw away.   There’s lots of ideas online,  and they’ll be sharing some on their waste and recycling bulletin over the coming weeks too.  You can sign up to receive these at www.kirklees.gov.uk/stayconnected

Cllr Walker, Cabinet Member for Environment said:

“I’d like to thank our refuse collection teams, and the people working at the recycling facility for their hard work and dedication in these difficult times.  They like many key workers are putting the good of the many above the their own needs on a daily basis.  Please respect the work they are doing by placing things in the correct bin,  the recycling bins are sorted by hand and placing potentially hazardous items in with the recycling puts people at completely unnecessary risk, you wouldn’t put our family in that position so please don’t do it to someone else.”

Cllr Naheed Mather, Cabinet member for Green Kirklees said:

“By working together at this difficult time we can make sure our streets stay clean and our countryside green,  so when we come out of this crisis we can all enjoy it.   I urge people to be responsible when disposing of their waste,  there are people who will take advantage of this situation for their own personal gain, but by following the advice above you can stop that happening and help keep yours and other people’s loved ones safe.”



  • Hey . Bin collection was missed last week for the grey bins at the back of Lidget Street hd3. This seems to be a dumping place for others as well. Will there definitely be a collection. At the moment there is black bags dump high. Even when the bins gets emptied there will be full instantly with the rubbish left.

  • Hi David, can you please send me your full address and contact number to communications@kirklees.gov.uk. We will pick this up and share it with the right department to help resolve the issue. Kind Regards ^CP

  • Hi Elise, my brown bin, which I pay an extra charge for, was not emptied on 26/03/2020. I reported this as it is completely full, FS188604538. I have not received and response whatsoever and it is still full and sitting outside my house as it has done since the day before collection. You have asked a number of residents to report missed bins through the website, which I have, but is there any point, if the reports are not responded to or any action taken. When will my brown bin get emptied.

  • Melanie Hutchinson

    Hi Elise,
    I also would like to say a big thank you to the teams emptying our bins. It is very much appreciated.
    such a shame though that the waste sites have to be closed as we like most people are renovating at the moment and pilling up our waste in the garden. stay safe and thank you once again.

  • Hi Richard, can you please report this on our website so the team can look into this further https://bit.ly/2R1DpEN Kind Regards ^CP

  • Richard loddick

    No green bin collection at hd2 2nu on Monday. Will it be emptied this week or not

  • Any chance of getting the public bins emptied on Cumberworth Lane, Upper Cumberworth as the bins are overflowing with dog poo bags!

  • Hello, I have our site this morning and it seems to be working now. Can you try this link to see if this works for you? https://bit.ly/2R1DpEN kind regards ^ CP

  • Hi Tanya, please can you report your missed bin by following the link https://bit.ly/2R1DpEN and our team will look into this for you. Kind Regards ^CP

  • Mrs Mulhall-Stead

    Our bins have been missed today at the bottom of Rowley Lane! tried clicking on ‘missed bin collection’ nut nothing is happening???

  • I did not have my grey bin emptied last week and today my green bin not emptied all bins full no tip to go to Yet surprised that council owed property a short distance has had bin service both weeks and beforehand emptied at same time as mine Unsure why they seem to take priority. Quite nary now as all I can do is leave a message in which nobody bothers to act upon

  • Well done to our binmen at HD59HX Much respect to you carrying on with your work through this hard time Thank You x

  • Hi Robert, thank you for providing this. We will look into this for you. Kind Regards ^CP

  • well done troops having to put up with a lot of rubbish from people?.

  • Yes, the Number is 4001100 hope this helps, l am not blaming the bin men or women just your administration department. Making me feel like l’m just getting lip service. If they had told me they would try but could not promise, l would have excepted that or a call saying no chance l again would have excepted that, maybe a new way of respond.

  • Thanks Kirsty, we will change this to ensure it’s correct. Kind Regards ^CP

  • Hi Robert, apologies for this. Could you send me the enquiry number that you should have received when you logged this? We will look into this for you. Kind Regards ^CP

  • Hi Peter, the garden waste service is currently operating.

    However, this is being reviewed on a regular basis during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Should we need to stop collecting garden waste to concentrate on residual/household waste, the service will be frozen and the number of weeks where we couldn’t collect would be added to the end of your current contract. You can find the link to sign up for garden waste collections here if you aren’t already signed up to this service: https://www.kirklees.gov.uk/beta/your-property-bins-recycling/garden-waste.aspx

    King Regards ^CP

  • Good morning Elise, l have to agree with Peter, you say report a missed collection, this I did, after l watched our bin men empty the whole street and for some unknown reason left ours. I rang Waste Management straight away this was nearly two weeks ago our collection day is Tuesday. I was told they would sort it out and apologies. By the following Monday l rang again and went through the story again. Apologies all around and was again told we will sort it out, l did say no it won’t they’ll come next week. Guess what tomorrow is Tuesday, l’m excited to see what happens. I am not in anyway blaming the bin men, they go where there told to go. So Elise, what other things could l have done? Please tell.

  • Well done everyone from all at HD3 3WP. Thank You

  • Pat and Bill Nimmo

    Thanks to all the Bin Crews. Collections have been regular. Hope all keep safe.

  • Hi Barry, could you please log any issues or missed bin collections on our website by following this link. https://bit.ly/2xCenox so our team can investigate this. We appreciate your patience at this time. Kind Regards ^CP

  • Hi John, we are currently emptying all bins as normal. Due to some planned operational changes, the bin reminders have been paused. If you are unsure which bin is due to be emptied this week please check online. https://bit.ly/2QSEkab King Regards ^CP

  • Hi Jenny, we are currently emptying all bins as normal. Due to some planned operational changes, the bin reminders have been paused.  If you are unsure which bin is due to be emptied this week please check online. https://bit.ly/2QSEkab Kind Regards ^CP

  • Hi Peter, could you please log any issues or missed bin collections on our website by following this link. https://bit.ly/2xCenox so our team can investigate this. We appreciate your patience at this time. Kind Regards ^CP

  • Hi Nikki, we are currently emptying all bins as normal. Due to some planned operational changes, the bin reminders have been paused. If you are unsure which bin is due to be emptied this week please check online. https://bit.ly/2JmEPFl Kind regards ^CP

  • God bless them keep our workers safe, not every employer is looking after their workers

  • My respect & Thanks to the Green Bin Crew on the WF14 0DN run. I forgot to put my Bin out but this crew member went the extra mile & collected it’s contents Anyway!! Many thanks for the efforts Lads.

  • Sheila washington

    They do a very very special job and during our 12 weeks isolation this week they gave me a wave, much appreciated. Thankyou and take care.

  • Are garden waste collections still going on ?

  • I sympathise with all our front line workers and commend the spirit in not giving up and are make sure we the Public are safe. I am sure that as a Nation we understand that we have to do the same. Apart from a few idiots who don’t seem to understand they are trying to kill people, by there pure selfishness and don’t give a damn attitude. It is awful to say but true. The day these idiots give this Virus to their Parents their Grandparents to their Elderly Relatives and don’t think the young are emuned the get it just the same. I am in the High risk Vulnerable area and have the mindset that I want to live as long as I can. So I might be able to see my Eleven grandchildren grow up, It more than likely won’t happen but boy am I going to give it a try. STAY HOME, STAY SAFE. WE CAN BEAT THIS.

  • Well done to the bin men. Always courteous and always have time to say hello to my dog. Your hard work is appreciated. Thanks.
    Mr Moore

  • Thank you so much for continuing this service and putting yourselves at risk for us.I hope when this is over you will not be forgotten.

  • Thank you for the advice and for the work done by these employees all year round. It is appropriated.

  • a big thank you to all the bin men and their service to the community in this difficult time. really appreciate it.

  • Kristy Kinghorn

    I think there’s a mistake. 3rd para says not to put and leave in grey bin 72 hours. I believe it should say it should be grey bin and leave for 72 hours.

  • Please pass on my appreciation to the dustbin men for their work and we will follow your recommendations. However as my green bin has not been emptied for 5 weeks and my black bin not collected this week, but my neighbours was I could find it impossible to safely leave my rubbish.

  • Are the bins going to be emptied at HD9 6 PP Woodhead road honley please

  • Can’t express how grateful I am to the people who are on the streets facing the possibility of Covis 19. It is a shame that lack of cooperation has meant the tips have to be closed. I hope as individuals we can all take our responsibilities seriously. I hope everyone can keep safe. Thank you and your team for all you are doing.

  • Please everyone think of our refuse collectors they are doing an important job at an awkward time and to be honest they are not praised enough.

  • Are you continuing to collect Green Bins? I think I heard on the news that Green Bin Collection was to be suspended for the time being. There was no mention of this in this latest update from Kirklees.

  • Many thanks to the refuse teams who collect in Lindley. They do a great job.

  • Is there any way Kirklees Council could provide a scheme to pick up garden waste. With it being spring and with the good weather everyone is pruning and weeding. We alone have amassed ten bin liners if garden waste and with the tips closed the pile is just going to get bigger. To stop gardening won’t work as it would put the gardens back years and they would go to waste.
    Failing a pick up system have the Kirklees gardeners got any ideas that would help.

  • I would like to say a big Thankyou to all your staff, keep going we need you all , just like the nhs, of which I am one, and all the other workers. Xx

  • Hi, i think that Kirklees refuse operatives are doing a Great job. My friend comes under Barnsley, and they haven’t had theirs emptied for 2 or 3 weeks. Keep healthy every one ,Colin

  • Thank you for your efforts

  • Well done collection teams! Keep the good work up.

  • Perhaps let the collectors know the difference between a dead bunch of flowers and garden waste. My grey bin is now a fortnight overdue…

  • Not everyone is on line or if they are, may be unaware of this news site.I came across it accidentally.
    Closing the household waste sites is a very bad idea as fly tipping will be inevitable or fires that may get out of control both leading to more costs. It seems to me to be essential travel to avoid something worse. Limiting access would control infection.
    With most folk spending more time in the garden there will be more garden waste .I have many full bags!

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