Spen Valley Leisure Centre – Build Update 10 March

Spen Valley Leisure Centre site is a hive of activity as usual, with much progress being made. A beautiful feature of the design is the glazing on the west elevation which has now been fixed in place. The glass is designed so that it allows light in, but because it is not transparent it gives exercise classes the privacy they need. The huge glass panes are an impressive feature of the building.

Excitingly, the tiling has now started in the activity pool. The pool has a moveable floor which will go down to 1.8m depth at its deepest. The tiles seen here, will not be visible once the floor has been fitted.

Another good sign of progress is the fact that the outdoor plant area is filling up with large pieces of plant. Not much dancing space left now!

Finally, this week Councillor Pandor, Councillor Turner and KAL Board of Trustees Chair, Dawn Stephenson along with members of the Kier team marked the progress of the build by taking part in the signing of a steel beam. The beam, that makes up part of the structure of the large exercise studio, was signed by the group and will be encased by the building fabric.

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