Spen Valley Leisure Centre – Build Update 01 April

The beautiful weather this week has been much appreciated by the team at Spen Valley Leisure Centre Site. Progress is evident everywhere you look most excitingly in the externals. The landscape is changing rapidly where the car park and entrance plaza works are well underway.

Inside works progress at pace too. The entrance lobby and reception area are taking shape with beautiful large panes of glass providing the public with a view into what the centre has to offer.

Upstairs in the dry side changing rooms the underfloor heating is being installed.

This interesting pattern of pipework which weaves around the area will not be visible for much longer when the flooring goes down.

Finally for this blog, a quick look in one of the studios where we get a glimpse of just how many services are needed to make a building of this type work.

In the next blog we’ll hopefully be able to explore the pool area and see how the tiling is going.

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